We manufacture the following products:

  • Industrial blasting pots,
  • Pressure tanks for various industrial applications,
  • Household LPG tanks (2.7 m³),
  • Industrial LPG tanks 2.7 m³, 4.85 m³ and 6.4 m³,
  • Expansion tanks – compressed air batteries in sizes from 0.5 m³ up to 3 m³ (according to customer requirements)
  • Oily water separators for the maritime industry
    Current regulations require the use of marine equipment to protect the environment. Separators are designed to separate oils from water on ships. Each watercraft is required to have such a device to minimise pollution of the seas and oceans. In cooperation with Victor Marine Ltd. we manufacture oily water separators for customers all around the world.
  • Swarf bins – based on customer designs, we produce swarf bins and containers and other welded constructions.

Operation of our Oily Water Separator (Animation)

Operation of our Sewage Treatment Plant (Animation)